Friday, March 11, 2005

Start at the now

I've often wondered where to begin this blog. It seems there's never a natural starting point, so I'll just jump in with what's on my mind today.

Surfing the Web is not really much of a hobby with me. I'm much more likely to while away the time lurking in newsgroups. But a few sites have recently caught my eye. AskTog is full of quite obviously sound advice on user interface design. Not a subject of immediate interest to a lot of people, you might think, but when it's a matter of life or death or the election of the most powerful politician on Earth, it's surely of interest to everybody.

While on the subject of politicians, I'd like to mention what our (UK) politicians are up to as I type this. Politics is another subject that usually isn't of much interest to me, but what's going on in Westminster today is really quite scary, and is probably the best argument in 300 years for the continued existence of the House of Lords. I think Richard Miller in succinctly expresses the concern of any rational person.

And here's the original seven, plus or minus two paper.

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